Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apsara Aali lyrics as explained by Kapil Sawant

“Lavani is sheer poetry”, said Kapil.
“But isn’t lavani supposed to be provocative and raunchy?” I asked.
“Provocative, yes. Raunchy, definitely not” he said firmly.
“Listen to this song. It’s Marathi poetry at it’s best. It’s sensuous, not raunchy.
It sets your imagination soaring. Not a vulgar word. It’s just suggestive. And beautiful’, said Kapil before playing me the song from youtube. He paused after every line and explained me the meaning.
Sometimes, he paused again because I had questions about each word. Patiently, he answered them all.
And thus began my love affair with Marathi poetry. I don’t know if I’ve got the translation right, but I tried.
Here’s the song. Even if you don’t get the lyrics, you can watch it for the mind-blowing choreography, and fabulous music.

Movie: Natrang
Poet: Guru Thakur
Music: Ajay-Atul
Singer: Bela Shende
Choreographer: Phulwa
The beautiful damsel in the video: Sonali Kulkarni (Not the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ girl)

Komal kaaya ki moh maya
My soft skin is enchanting

Punava chandana nhale
I’m bathed in moonlight

Sonyaat sazale roopyat bhijle
Bedecked in gold, drenched in silver

Ratnaprabha tanu nyaale
I have worn the shimmer of rubies.

Hee natali thatali
I’m dressed up

Jashi umatali chandani rang mahaali
Looking like moonlight has descended on the stage

Mee youvan bijli
I’m a thunderbolt

paahun thizli Indrasabha bhavatali
that has struck the entire court of Indra

Apsara aali Indrapuri tun khaali
Here comes the nymph, straight from the heavens

Pasarli laali ratnaprabha tanu nyaali
Her presence has lit up the earth

Ti hasali gaali chandani rang mahaali
Her moonlit smile has brightened the stage

Apsara aali Punava chandana nhali
Here comes the nymph bathed in moonlight

Chhabidaar surat dekhani, janu hirkani, naar gulzar
My face is so beautiful, I’m a priceless diamond, I’m a rose in full bloom.

saangate umar kanchuki bhapudi mukhi
My blouse (kanchuki), the silent sufferer

sosate bhaar
complains about the heavy burden it has to bear

shelati khunaavi kati
my tiny waistline beckons you

tashi hanuvati, nayan talwar
as does my chin, and my lethal eyes

hee rati madu bharli, daji
she’s the intoxicating goddess of love, dear sir

thinagi shingarachi
she’s the very spark of passion

kasturi darvalali, daji, chook hi varyachi
the fact that her fragrance has intoxicated the air is the wind’s fault, not hers.

Hee natali thatali
Jashi umatali chandani rang mahaali
Mee youvan bijli paahun thizli
Indrasabha bhavatali
Apsara aali Indrapuri tun khaali
Pasarli laali ratnaprabha tanu nyaali
Ti hasali gaali chandani rang mahaali
Apsara aali Punava chand nahali