Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Find the maker of Ghajini. Kill him.

This film looks like it’s made by a guy with a short-term memory disorder. After some 15 minutes, he forgot the plot and meandered into some stupid love-story which wasn’t even interesting. Then after a long time, he probably saw the clapboard, which reminded him of the film he had started to make. So another quick 15 minutes of the action after which the disorder took over again. He even forgot that the movie was over, and went on adding mindless bizarre scenes till someone got fed up and just slapped the credits.

Look, I ain’t too demanding when it comes to hindi movies. I mean I actually liked Rab ne bana dee jodi. So I’m really cool with a romance-drama-gaana-bajaana film. But Ghajini disappointed even the common hindi film watcher in me. No chemistry between the lead pair. That is unforgivable. At least if they had exotic locales and dancing around trees it would have appealed to somebody. Didn’t even have decent music. And as a saadharan Mumbaikar I wanna know – Which AUTORICKSHAW goes to Chinchpokli?

And it doesn’t take an advertising person to laugh at the stupid story. Does Ratan Tata go out on the streets himself to figure out a hoarding? Do CEOs do media buying? And do they send men in black to inconsequential tenants of dilapidated buildings?

And that dumb mahila police afsar could call up the girl and tell her the bad guys are at waiting at her place, but not call the cops? And the stupid girl could call her beau when she knows she’s gonna be killed but not dial 100?

Oh and I forgot about the idiotic medical student. I wanted the end to continue even further and reach the part where she’s thrown out of medical college. When a short term memory disorder patient has forgotten everything, which medical text book teaches you to remind him that he was out to kill someone? And abet the murder?

Never mind this film, people. The whole action a la Dharmendar reminded me of a film called ‘Hukumat’. And it had better songs.

Rab ne bana dee jodi, on the other hand, was quite charming. I simply loved Shahrukh go, ‘Punjab power, lighting up your life jee.” It was so cool to see him uncool.

Maine kisi ladies se pyar nahin kiya.” Awesome.

And I’m completely willing to accept that she didn’t recognise her own hubby after the makeover. Don’t we fail to recognise our own colleagues after a make-over at times? And it’s not like she spent her days gazing at the hubby. She was so distraught na.

And it’s possible that she changed her mind in the temple scene. Haven’t we seen that beer commercial ‘A moment of clarity’? Maybe it just hit her ki this guy truly loves her and she started loving him back. It’s perfectly alright. And I loved the credits at the end. The photo album was a brilliant idea. And some very good dialogue-writing. Thumbs up.


Mad Maks said...

Hey Mads,
I don't quite agree with you in the music department. However, the rest of your comments are agreeable except for your comparision between Rab ne... and Ghajini. The first was bubble-gum fare aimed at emotions at least. But Ghajini had only insanity even in the script. You tell me which man with a 15 min attention span can read everything fluently. Absurd to say the least! All neurologists must be laughing their guts out at this mad fare!

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

@Mad Maks : Other than Guzarish, there was not a single song in the movie which I could hum to. The songs were not only tuneless, they didn't have good lyrics either.

@Mads : I agree with you completely. I was trying to visualize Azeem Premji with his sleeves tucked up his biceps! And what was the need of those 8-packs, wasn't watching an aging AK enough torture? And the only spoiler in Rab Ne was the over acting of Raj, otherwise Surinder was fabulous and hilarious to watch. And Anushka, if nothing else, is a much prettier face than either the 2 damsels in distress of Ghajini.

Nice blog you have Mads, keep writing. Hope to see you someday on my blog too. Till then take care and keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Why do you see a movie???????
Ofcourse entertainment...

If you are really interested in watching a movie which should be the exact mimic of the real world scenarios just go and watch any art movies :)

And finally if the movie is a hit then people did like that movie and your taste does not match with those who liked it.
Statements like this " Find the maker of Ghajini. Kill him. " does not look good on your blog

Raindrop said...

i had only one comment-

if he was the owner/CEO of such a huge telecom company....why couldn't he just just alarms/notifications/to do stff on his cell phone.....instead of writing it all over the place????