Monday, October 29, 2007

Meal combos

No no. I ain’t talking about McDdonald’s. Over the years I have come across the strangest meal combinations people have invented. Some have intrigued me, some delighted me beyond imagination and some have simply blown me out of my mind.
Some of these inventions have stories, while some are deliberate, premeditated experiments.
There’s a friend of mine who eats roti with pakodas and says it’s the healthier version of ‘bhajiya pav’. Another one has invented this absolutely lip-smacking sandwich. It’s essentially plain bread, butter and chutney, but it’s got Lays (potato chips) in it. She recommends the Mexican masala flavoured chips. I second that whole-heartedly.
My dear friend, Karan Amin, invented this finger-licking sandwich, which is popular till date. Walk into the JWT office and ask for the Karan sandwich. It’s sure to sock you in the palate. I dunno exactly what it's got, but it seems like finely chopped onions and tomatoes, grated cheese, green chillies and a liberal coat of green chutney. Try it some day, and you’ll love Karan for it.
Then again, I’ve heard of some combinations I haven’t tried as yet. See if they work for you. This guy I know dips buttered bread in nimbu-pani (lemon juice). He says he did it accidentally while reading a book, and got hooked to it. I’m a little wary of trying it, though. I like to down my nimbu-pani at one go, like a tequila shot. Not sure I could glug the concoction with breadcrumbs floating in it.
Yet another friend swears by the combo of rice and grapes. Yup, you heard that right. Rice, the cooked, white food grain. Grapes, meaning green grapes. The ones the fox couldn’t reach. Apparently she rummaged through the refrigerator one hungry night, found the two bowls juxtaposed, and the rest is history. Yummy – that’s the word she used for it. I guess I’ll just take her word.
Then there’s this guy who sprinkles sugar liberally over puris, and rolls them up. I tried that one myself. Sinful and delicious!
But I’ll hand it to my Gujarati friend who really tops it all. She mixed the Gujju Chewda in salted dahi-chawal (curds n rice). It’s a strange sweet-salty combination, which works best when the dahi is real chilled. Kinda crunchy!
Then again there are much-used combos like aloo ka paratha with ketchup, cheese with magi noodles etc.
But before I wind up, I simply have to tell you about this cousin of mine. I offered him pepsi and he asked for nimbu (lemon). He squeezed it over the glass of pepsi and added salt to it. Believe it or not, all his family followed suit. They swear by the taste!
Do you know of such combinations? Whether you’ve seen it somewhere or invented it yourself, tell me your combo.


zenub Chinwalla said...

WoW!!!! cool combos to try. Glad u brought it up. Will keep checking dis blog for more. One can even try dis - When u add water to the rice for it to cook, add a little more of water in it. Heat it for some time and remove dat extra water once the rice is slightly cooked. Add lime and pepper to that rice water. Its not only healthy but its yummy!!!!

devang said...

Here you go some more combos

1 At Mc Donalds
French Fries and soft serve or a chocolate sundae

French fries with mayonnaise sauce

2 Thums up with nimbu and chat masala

3 Sada Dosa with sauce - (Story: Mom had made dosas and the chutney was over so just tired the dosas with sauce and quite liked it.. so try)

4 Aaloo slice - A sandwich only with butter, chutney and aaloo (onoins optional)the sandwhich has to be cut only in two and not pieces.

5 Thepla with Pickle, Khakra and pickle, Papad and dahi

and if u feel more hungry then tell me...OhGod! copywriters cant even think of food ideas...fuhget the advtg bit

veechika said...

More combos:

i dont need to go far,

- One of my Aunt's is fond of eating cooked bhindi(the normal lady's finger vegetable) with dahi and bhujia.
- this is not a combination but a weird thing to eat...the burnt crumbs of cake
- normal dal chawal with papad crushed over it...
- parle G biscuit with butter on top of it, or the eggless choclate cake batter over it...its yum...for the batter Marie biscuit also works well :-)
- the eggless choclate cake batter nyways tastes nice...dont make that face... it really does
- yellow dal, dahi and bhujia...i have never tried it but seemingly it does taste nice
- to add to devang's dosa and sauce, idli and sauce also tastes wonderful

will keep on adding in case i remeber othher combos...but as of now this is it....:-)

Princess said...

i have a combination dat i loveeee

I crush wafers/papad into dahi or rasam or any kinda dal for that matter n eat it like a dish on its own..actually i've even done dat with toamto soup..crushed chips into it & eaten it..n its tasty..ppl find it so weird..but its yummy..u shud try it..

Oh n i have dis fren who crushes chips into her coke..& den drinks it..very weird..not something i'd try..but just thot i shud tell u..

Princess said...
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