Monday, December 1, 2008

But, CM Achutanandan....

But, CM Achutanandan, Major Unnikrishnan HAS been a major and a dog DID go to his house.
Only, the father drove him away!

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Krishnakumar said...

I am a Keralite, but won't hesitate to say that the way Kerala CM first took the issue of Major Sandeep's sad demise and later his mad ranting about dogs & all doesn't suit a person holding such an office as Achutanandan... As a BJP leader from Kerala pointed out... even if a dog dies in Cuba or China, these pseudo-commies protest by raising slogans & convening their "polit-buro" meetings. A BIG SHAME on you Achutanandan... If people of Kerala regain their pride they will ensure you & your party never comes to power next time !