Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hate speech: innovative use of media

This is a brilliant new innovation guaranteed to get you noticed. Vodafone used it, reality shows use it and now a certain young man has used this device to go from ‘unnoticed’ to ‘most talked about’ in no time.

Vodafone did this little promotion. Two actors would quarrel loudly in a public place. And when a crowd gathered, they showed this placard saying ‘For more drama come to Rang Shankara theatre festival.’ They won awards.

Our reality shows had dipping TRPs till the judges started bickering on screen. Somebody walked out, somebody yelled at the other. And suddenly they started getting noticed.

Big brother works on this premise completely. The show is nothing without all those celebrity jhagdas.

Who can we blame really? The TG loves all this.

Haven’t we seen several people gather when any two people pick a fight on streets or railway stations?

The young man in question simply used this media innovation to his advantage. Why else would a boy with a Parsi dad and Sikh mom go passionately pro-hindu all of a sudden?


Rohan Sura said...

either your view-point is new or i'm a little of touch. roadies works on the same idea too. i dont know y we are such sadists; why do we inspire people to sell anger and hatred? and somehow, hate is selling like sex! perhaps its replacing sex bcoz for most Indians, sex is a taboo; and we dont want to be publicising a sin now, do we? of course, hate chalta hai . doesnt require hypocrisy na :P

Mad Maks said...

I believe the purported hate speech is media's creation of a local election which has unnecessarily been hyped to push the UPA's failures on various grounds under the carpet. When Mr Advani has announced such great relief measures like 3.5 Lakh tax relief which is great news for the salaried class why is the media harping on a young brat's rantings?
Don't you see the obvious agenda of the Aam Aadmi's issues being pushed under for the non-relevant Great Secularism v/s Hindutva debate which doesn't matter when filing your returns on March 31 ? Or when t.d.s. is generously applied to your salary a/c each month by Chidambaram's devils at the Aayakar Bhavan for that matter? We should grow up and forget these non-existent debates and go for issues relevant to us. I will vote for the party which works for the salaried middle class becoz that is where I belong!